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The Pitfall of Advertising

This morning I received an email advertisement for a major cosmetics brands "fullest coverage foundation." Personally I LOVE full coverage and I know that many other people love it too. What sparked my interest however in the ad were the two pictures that accompanied the product to show how full coverage the foundation was:


At first one thinks, "Oh cool!! That's some great full coverage!" Until you look a little closer at the image. The "with" image is clearly photoshopped to give the skin an airbrushed look. Very disappointing for the consumer who buys the foundation and hopes to get the same effect after seeing these images. So I encourage you all to be wary of advertising when you are trying to determine the quality of cosmetics products.

A couple ways to keep yourself from being stuck with bad products is to check out online forums and reviews. Real beauties don't lie. One of my favorite sites to determine how products have done in the general public is Makeup AlleyThe next piece of advice that I have to test out products is to try to get samples of the product if possible. Most places with luxury and professional products will give samples (Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, MAC, etc). If you aren't able to get samples I highly recommend knowing cosmetics stores return policies - even online stores allow for returns. The truth is, it is not worth it for you to be stuck with a product that doesn't work for you. And if you get a chance give your product a review from where you bought it or on a forum!! You may be helping someone else out :)

Peace, Love, & Glitter,

Ana Liza