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The Pitfall of Advertising

This morning I received an email advertisement for a major cosmetics brands "fullest coverage foundation." Personally I LOVE full coverage and I know that many other people love it too. What sparked my interest however in the ad were the two pictures that accompanied the product to show how full coverage the foundation was:


At first one thinks, "Oh cool!! That's some great full coverage!" Until you look a little closer at the image. The "with" image is clearly photoshopped to give the skin an airbrushed look. Very disappointing for the consumer who buys the foundation and hopes to get the same effect after seeing these images. So I encourage you all to be wary of advertising when you are trying to determine the quality of cosmetics products.

A couple ways to keep yourself from being stuck with bad products is to check out online forums and reviews. Real beauties don't lie. One of my favorite sites to determine how products have done in the general public is Makeup AlleyThe next piece of advice that I have to test out products is to try to get samples of the product if possible. Most places with luxury and professional products will give samples (Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, MAC, etc). If you aren't able to get samples I highly recommend knowing cosmetics stores return policies - even online stores allow for returns. The truth is, it is not worth it for you to be stuck with a product that doesn't work for you. And if you get a chance give your product a review from where you bought it or on a forum!! You may be helping someone else out :)

Peace, Love, & Glitter,

Ana Liza

Face The Carpet - My Favorite Makeup From The Grammys

I know that the 56th Grammy's are done and gone but I still wanted to share my Top 5 favorite Red Carpet makeup & hair looks. Check out these beautiful ladies! I hope you're inspired by seeing the trends for spring in a glamorous setting.

5th Place: Tierney Sutton. I love Tierney's makeup because it's a beautiful example of how glamorous makeup should look on more mature skin. Thanks to proper products and application she glows and radiates! Having her hair softly pulled back but with pieces still framing her face give her a wonderfully romantic look. 

Tierney Sutton, 56th Grammy's Red Carpet

4th Place: Miranda Lambert. With a nod to the '20s Miranda's hair was absolutely breathtaking in a modernized version of finger waves. Her makeup complimented her entire ensemble beautifully without being too costumey! Personally, this is one of my all time favorite looks of hers! 

Miranda Lambert, 56th Grammy's Red Carpet

3rd Place: Bonnie McKee. Love, love, LOVE everything about Bonnie's look! Rocking her hair in a bright hue which is forecasted to be how hair colors this year will be I loved that she did a bit of a mixture of texture by having it smoothly brushed straight back from her face and then let it fall down her back. Her makeup is absolutely stunning as it should be as it was done by celebrity makeup artist Anthony H. Nguyen. I loved how he paired the corally pink lip with her already colorful ensemble!

Bonnie McKee, 56th Grammy's Red Carpet

2nd Place: Paris Hilton. I was completely blown away by the completely glamorous and chic look that Paris presented on the red carpet this year! Her beautifully contoured and highlighted skin was flawless and the soft pink glossy lip was perfect for helping to make her blue eyes pop!! And that dreamy updo...perfection. (I have a feeling I'll be getting a lot of requests from brides this spring for Paris's look!) 

Paris Hilton, 56th Grammy's Red Carpet

1st Place: Rita Ora. Rita wore my favorite makeup and hair look of the evening!!! Thanks to a stunning use of color Rita's eye color was really made to pop. The purple was also a welcome update to the classic smokey eye! And I love her hair color and romantic curls. Makeup by The Magnet Agency's Kathy Jeung.

Rita Ora, 56th Grammy's Red Carpet

So those are my top 5 looks! What were yours? Comment below! I'm also thinking of doing some looks inspired by these ladies...can't wait to share them!!

Hope you have a day filled with Peace, Love, and Glitter!


Ana Liza